Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Want to be Drama and Pain free

This week has already started off with drama and pain. Seems that is the theme of the week.
I am not going to get into the drama because it is truly immature but my theory is some people just need a good swift kick in the head to knock the common sense back into them. Or INTO them to start with! I am tired of drama. Drama and I don't do well together because it stresses me out and sometimes makes me angry. Not at the person involved but at myself for being involved with those people to begin with.
The pain...well I can kind of say that is nothing new. Although this pain sort of is. The pain I am feeling is so much it is hard to describe to anyone. I can say that some of the pain feels as if someone is ripping my right wisdom teeth out of my mouth, yet I have no right wisdom teeth. Another pain is this feeling of very cold sensitivity like someone put extremely cold ice cream on my teeth. Talk about painful. Anyone who has cold or hot sensitivity KNOWS the feeling I am going through, just imagine it being ten fold. Ugh.
I am not intentionally trying to be mean to anyone especially my family but when you are in so much pain and almost 1800mg of medicine a day isn't helping and you aren't getting any sleep because of the pain, you, in a way, have a right to be grouchy. Also, the fact that anything you eat or drink causes you to be in pain, you are hungry.
My dear hubby is going to our dentist this weekend when we get paid to finish paying off our bill from when I had my wisdom teeth removed and then he is going to schedule me to get my left wisdom teeth removed at the end of June. The only time the oral surgeon is out is the last Friday of every month hence why I have to wait until the end of the month.

On the other hand, I am trying to promote my photography business. I have about 250 fans on my Facebook Fan Page and getting more fans each day as I have great vendors passing along my name.

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