Thursday, July 28, 2011

They Don't Look Hot Until They Look Hot

So watching movies over the past few days, I have run across a few celebrity men that never interested me until they played certain roles and looked certain parts.

Here is my all time celebrity crush
(Johnny Depp) Hello My Pretty!!!!  
But long before Johnny was this sexy mess of a man
(Leonardo DiCaprio) Hello Mr Sensitive. I have added these guys to my celebrity crushes just because there is something about them.

(Liam Neeson) Hello Mr Bad Ass.  
(Jason Momoa) Why hello there you barbarian. 
And last but not least at the moment.....this man. Swoon-Pretty Woman, Runaway Bride, First Knight......

Hello Mr I-Gotta-Have-The-Woman
Okay, I think I gave you ladies enough hotness for the evening! LOL

Losing Too Much, Too Fast

I have lost A LOT of be exact 24.2 lbs in the last 5 months, give or take. I started at 148.4 (yes, I just told the entire world what I used to what?!?!?)

There you have it...that is the current weight. I sometimes wonder if all this dental work has given me an eating disorder. No, I am not anorexic nor bulemic. For one, when I eat....I EAT!!! And on another note, I hate gagging so I would not make myself PURPOSELY gag! Ugh! Who can do that?!?!?! But, there are days when I am crawling into bed and I have realized that I had not had ANYTHING to eat at all and then that starts to concern me. Also, a lot lately, I've had dizzy spells or spells of being light headed. For those that are just now following, I have had 2 dental surgeries in the last 3 months. One was to remove the right 2 wisdom teeth (yes, at the age of 27 I still have all my wisdom teeth...or had them) and then just last week I had the left 2 removed as well as exploratory surgery done on the right lower where the previous surgeon possibly left bone fragments or root tips in my socket. Not cool, doc! Therefore, the past week alone I have not been able to chew much because I have stitches on both sides of my mouth. Not cool either. But either way, I sometimes wonder...because I am not hungry much anymore and when I am hungry nothing ever sounds good or looks appetizing. 

Friday, July 22, 2011

Update on Surgery

As you all know, I had surgery yesterday morning. Surgery started about 10am and I woke up during the procedure. Ya, so not fun nor cool. Not really the dentist's fault. To get our bill down, we had to cut down on anethesia costs so instead of 1 hour of anethesia, they only did 30 min and about 5-10 minutes before they were finished, I woke up. Talk about painful. they ended up giving me 2 local novacaine shots in the area they were working on so I wasn't feeling as much pain but when you just give the shot and keep working and not give it time to kick in, it doesn't help very much.
They took out my 2 left wisdom teeth as well as dug around in the lower right socket to see if there were root tips (retained root) or bone fragments. They found neither and because of that we got a refund on the bill (YAY) BUT they did find some scar tissue so they removed that and went ahead and did the biopsy anyways. the surgeon didnt feel comfortable leaving it at that and not know what was causing me pain so he did the biopsy. If the biopsy comes back clear and i have no more pain, then that just means it was the scar tissue causing all the pain I was having on the lower right side.
I ate a cup of ice cream, half a milkshake and a cup of pudding as well as a bowl of mashed creamy potatoes. So I got SOME food in my system BUT I have still lost another .6 pounds since official weigh in before surgery yesterday.
Today, I woke up feeling fine. Just a lot of pressure, nothing too painful but then after finishing my milkshake, it hit me and I had to take some meds and put ice pack on my face. I think I am ready for a nap....just hard to do when you have a 4 yr old running around the house irritating the dogs.

I am trying to recover and will back when I am feeling much better.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Late Nights

I am all JACKED up on the sleep schedule. I tend to go to bed around 11pm-1am when hubby is home from work. When he is at work (he works nights), I find it hard to go to bed before 4am. Most the time though, the pain is keeping me awake. I have been on pain killers for so long that they either don't work or they wear off before I can take anymore. Therefore, when I sleep, I sleep on my stomach or my side which in turns means my face/cheeks are pressed against my pillow. If I am laying that way, I wake up in my pain because the pressure on my jaw or wisdom teeth. If I am on my back, I wake up having back pains or tend to have to get up to potty more often. (Why is that?!?!) The pain meds make me sleepy but they tend to take almost an hour or two to kick in and by then the pain meds have worn off and I am in pain again so I cannot go to sleep. I am a night owl though and always have been.
Either way, I probably need to get to bed but I was just informing all my readers that I will be getting a call from the dentist's office again today after lunch regarding my insurance payment. Right now, they only calculated the dental insurance and if medical insurance doesn't step in and take a GOOD LARGE chunk of that, then there is NO WAY under God's green Earth that we will be able to afford the surgery which means NO surgery. Therefore, I am waiting for that call to tell me that the medical insurance is taking some of that "pain" of the VERY large bill away and we can still stay scheduled for Thursday morning's surgery. Let's just pray and hope!
Also, I got a job today. I won't be starting until Labor Day weekend and I have to get CPR certified but hey, I got a job! Also it is very low pay but again I GOT A JOB!!! And, I will be working full time! Yay!
Okay, i think that is it for now.
Good night...or Good morning...however you want to look at it.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Dental Update

Okay so I received a call from my oral surgeon today to fill me in on what he found on my CT scan.
Remember, back in late March I had my 2 right wisdom teeth removed. Well in the lower right socket, he found what could POSSIBLY be a retained root. THAT could be the reason I have been in so much pain for a long time. BUT, he said it could also be bone fragments which could have caused a terrible infection or a cyst/tumor on my jaw. That is scary. He said either way he WILL have to do surgery to remove both my left wisdom teeth as well as go in and do surgery on the lower right socket. If he finds bone fragments he will have to do a tissue biopsy and send it to the lab to find out what it could be or could have caused. Let's just pray it is a retained root.
I will be getting surgery soon!!! Yay, relief is in sight FINALLY!!!!

Will Return ASAP

I am so sorry I have not been around. I have been in way too much pain to even concentrate or function on some days.
Here is what has happened since the last blog post

July 4:
I took my lil man and step son to our church for a 4th of July Ice Cream/Bingo night. There we ate many goodies as well as played many games of Bingo. Lil man one a game of normal Bingo as well as "Blackout" (covering the entire board). For winning, he got a pack of candy

Afterwards, we went outside and watched a great fireworks display
Bad photo as it was taken with the cell phone. 
The following day, we chilled at the pool which was nearly empty

And each day just seemed to get hotter and hotter. On July 6th it was reading 106* outside. Phew, gotta love Texas heat!

July 11 I got to do something I have never done. See the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile. Yes, I was deprived as a child! Our town was on the list of stops for it's 70th anniversary. I could've stayed there all day if it wasn't so darned hot.

And just yesterday, we attempted to go tubing at the lake but hubby's boat engine kept overheating. Not good. BUT we did get the boat going about 20 mph so it was a decent speed for lil man to go tubing. This was his first time ever doing this.
Me before going to the lake. Yes, I got all "pretty'd up" 

I have not had dental surgery yet. I was scheduled for a CT scan this past week and was supposed to hear back from them Friday but have yet to hear anything. I will be calling them tomorrow (or later today I guess) and see if I can get in come Wednesday. I am hoping to get it done this week because I have volunteered to be a church camp director (again) next week and I really do not want to miss it. I always enjoy going to camp to meet new people, see old friends, have fun and get closer to the Lord all at the same time.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

What Goes Away, Comes Back Again

I have not been neglecting this blog on purpose. A few months ago, I had surgery to remove my 2 right wisdom teeth. KNOWING at the time I should've gotten all 4 removed, and KNOWING I didn't want to be in pain, I only got 2 removed. Well, now I have been in so much pain recently I have been staying in bed or on the couch doped up on Vicodin and Ibprofen eating slices of bread and drinking smoothies as well as eating mashed potatoes. Oh, this is the life, let me tell you. *Sarcasm*

On top of all that I have been having pain in my right wrist but lately it is on and off so it hasn't been bothering me much the past few days so I am able to type up this post.

I have been trying to find something to keep me busy while not on the computer and at first I wanted to start making feather earrings but that was just frustrating and then I started on some bead work but being in pain due to a major toothache, that hasn't been happening much.

During all that, I have been staying busy (at least today) shooting photos of earrings from a local vendor I know (Signs by LC...check her out on facebook).