Sunday, July 3, 2011

What Goes Away, Comes Back Again

I have not been neglecting this blog on purpose. A few months ago, I had surgery to remove my 2 right wisdom teeth. KNOWING at the time I should've gotten all 4 removed, and KNOWING I didn't want to be in pain, I only got 2 removed. Well, now I have been in so much pain recently I have been staying in bed or on the couch doped up on Vicodin and Ibprofen eating slices of bread and drinking smoothies as well as eating mashed potatoes. Oh, this is the life, let me tell you. *Sarcasm*

On top of all that I have been having pain in my right wrist but lately it is on and off so it hasn't been bothering me much the past few days so I am able to type up this post.

I have been trying to find something to keep me busy while not on the computer and at first I wanted to start making feather earrings but that was just frustrating and then I started on some bead work but being in pain due to a major toothache, that hasn't been happening much.

During all that, I have been staying busy (at least today) shooting photos of earrings from a local vendor I know (Signs by LC...check her out on facebook).

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