Monday, July 18, 2011

Dental Update

Okay so I received a call from my oral surgeon today to fill me in on what he found on my CT scan.
Remember, back in late March I had my 2 right wisdom teeth removed. Well in the lower right socket, he found what could POSSIBLY be a retained root. THAT could be the reason I have been in so much pain for a long time. BUT, he said it could also be bone fragments which could have caused a terrible infection or a cyst/tumor on my jaw. That is scary. He said either way he WILL have to do surgery to remove both my left wisdom teeth as well as go in and do surgery on the lower right socket. If he finds bone fragments he will have to do a tissue biopsy and send it to the lab to find out what it could be or could have caused. Let's just pray it is a retained root.
I will be getting surgery soon!!! Yay, relief is in sight FINALLY!!!!


Dianne said...

Glad you will finally be out of pain, and prayers for the oral surgeon to find everything he needs to find to set your mind at rest, and allow things to heal properly in your jaw.

Teresa said...

Thank you Dianne! Means a lot to me!