Friday, July 22, 2011

Update on Surgery

As you all know, I had surgery yesterday morning. Surgery started about 10am and I woke up during the procedure. Ya, so not fun nor cool. Not really the dentist's fault. To get our bill down, we had to cut down on anethesia costs so instead of 1 hour of anethesia, they only did 30 min and about 5-10 minutes before they were finished, I woke up. Talk about painful. they ended up giving me 2 local novacaine shots in the area they were working on so I wasn't feeling as much pain but when you just give the shot and keep working and not give it time to kick in, it doesn't help very much.
They took out my 2 left wisdom teeth as well as dug around in the lower right socket to see if there were root tips (retained root) or bone fragments. They found neither and because of that we got a refund on the bill (YAY) BUT they did find some scar tissue so they removed that and went ahead and did the biopsy anyways. the surgeon didnt feel comfortable leaving it at that and not know what was causing me pain so he did the biopsy. If the biopsy comes back clear and i have no more pain, then that just means it was the scar tissue causing all the pain I was having on the lower right side.
I ate a cup of ice cream, half a milkshake and a cup of pudding as well as a bowl of mashed creamy potatoes. So I got SOME food in my system BUT I have still lost another .6 pounds since official weigh in before surgery yesterday.
Today, I woke up feeling fine. Just a lot of pressure, nothing too painful but then after finishing my milkshake, it hit me and I had to take some meds and put ice pack on my face. I think I am ready for a nap....just hard to do when you have a 4 yr old running around the house irritating the dogs.

I am trying to recover and will back when I am feeling much better.


Dizzy C said...

Let's hope that the latest surgery has cured the problem.

Feel better soon


Debbie said...

So hope this surgery takes care of the pain you've been having! And that you are feeling better real soon.

Debbie - new follower from TYOH
Let Them Eat Cake

Penny said...

Hopin your recovery is quick! New follower sent from TYOH.

feel free to stop my Coffe Cup mom anytime.