Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Late Nights

I am all JACKED up on the sleep schedule. I tend to go to bed around 11pm-1am when hubby is home from work. When he is at work (he works nights), I find it hard to go to bed before 4am. Most the time though, the pain is keeping me awake. I have been on pain killers for so long that they either don't work or they wear off before I can take anymore. Therefore, when I sleep, I sleep on my stomach or my side which in turns means my face/cheeks are pressed against my pillow. If I am laying that way, I wake up in my pain because the pressure on my jaw or wisdom teeth. If I am on my back, I wake up having back pains or tend to have to get up to potty more often. (Why is that?!?!) The pain meds make me sleepy but they tend to take almost an hour or two to kick in and by then the pain meds have worn off and I am in pain again so I cannot go to sleep. I am a night owl though and always have been.
Either way, I probably need to get to bed but I was just informing all my readers that I will be getting a call from the dentist's office again today after lunch regarding my insurance payment. Right now, they only calculated the dental insurance and if medical insurance doesn't step in and take a GOOD LARGE chunk of that, then there is NO WAY under God's green Earth that we will be able to afford the surgery which means NO surgery. Therefore, I am waiting for that call to tell me that the medical insurance is taking some of that "pain" of the VERY large bill away and we can still stay scheduled for Thursday morning's surgery. Let's just pray and hope!
Also, I got a job today. I won't be starting until Labor Day weekend and I have to get CPR certified but hey, I got a job! Also it is very low pay but again I GOT A JOB!!! And, I will be working full time! Yay!
Okay, i think that is it for now.
Good night...or Good morning...however you want to look at it.

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