Monday, July 18, 2011

Will Return ASAP

I am so sorry I have not been around. I have been in way too much pain to even concentrate or function on some days.
Here is what has happened since the last blog post

July 4:
I took my lil man and step son to our church for a 4th of July Ice Cream/Bingo night. There we ate many goodies as well as played many games of Bingo. Lil man one a game of normal Bingo as well as "Blackout" (covering the entire board). For winning, he got a pack of candy

Afterwards, we went outside and watched a great fireworks display
Bad photo as it was taken with the cell phone. 
The following day, we chilled at the pool which was nearly empty

And each day just seemed to get hotter and hotter. On July 6th it was reading 106* outside. Phew, gotta love Texas heat!

July 11 I got to do something I have never done. See the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile. Yes, I was deprived as a child! Our town was on the list of stops for it's 70th anniversary. I could've stayed there all day if it wasn't so darned hot.

And just yesterday, we attempted to go tubing at the lake but hubby's boat engine kept overheating. Not good. BUT we did get the boat going about 20 mph so it was a decent speed for lil man to go tubing. This was his first time ever doing this.
Me before going to the lake. Yes, I got all "pretty'd up" 

I have not had dental surgery yet. I was scheduled for a CT scan this past week and was supposed to hear back from them Friday but have yet to hear anything. I will be calling them tomorrow (or later today I guess) and see if I can get in come Wednesday. I am hoping to get it done this week because I have volunteered to be a church camp director (again) next week and I really do not want to miss it. I always enjoy going to camp to meet new people, see old friends, have fun and get closer to the Lord all at the same time.

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Dizzy C said...

Do hope you get your teeth sorted before camp.

Have a good week
P.s have you seen my Birthday Honours list :)