Thursday, July 28, 2011

Losing Too Much, Too Fast

I have lost A LOT of be exact 24.2 lbs in the last 5 months, give or take. I started at 148.4 (yes, I just told the entire world what I used to what?!?!?)

There you have it...that is the current weight. I sometimes wonder if all this dental work has given me an eating disorder. No, I am not anorexic nor bulemic. For one, when I eat....I EAT!!! And on another note, I hate gagging so I would not make myself PURPOSELY gag! Ugh! Who can do that?!?!?! But, there are days when I am crawling into bed and I have realized that I had not had ANYTHING to eat at all and then that starts to concern me. Also, a lot lately, I've had dizzy spells or spells of being light headed. For those that are just now following, I have had 2 dental surgeries in the last 3 months. One was to remove the right 2 wisdom teeth (yes, at the age of 27 I still have all my wisdom teeth...or had them) and then just last week I had the left 2 removed as well as exploratory surgery done on the right lower where the previous surgeon possibly left bone fragments or root tips in my socket. Not cool, doc! Therefore, the past week alone I have not been able to chew much because I have stitches on both sides of my mouth. Not cool either. But either way, I sometimes wonder...because I am not hungry much anymore and when I am hungry nothing ever sounds good or looks appetizing. 

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