Tuesday, August 31, 2010

9 Yrs Today

9 yrs ago today, I lost THE best uncle I could ever have the privilege to meet. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and had been sick for so long, that he had stopped looking like the uncle I had known growing up. Prankster, sensitive, happy, fun-loving, teasing, well-mannered, loving, and gentle are words used to describe my uncle. He was so full of life; always laughing and playing jokes. He loved to pull pranks on people - he thought up lots of little "tricks" that us kids loved including one where it looked like he broke his thumb.  
On Friday, the 31st of August, my mother got the call about 1 p.m. He'd passed away about 10 minutes before. 
We all got on our way on Cullman, Alabama the very next day - by plane (oh that was a mess), rental car, and van. We all stayed in rooms close by at the same hotel and we all grieved together.  
I know even 9 yrs later he is where he belongs and in no more pain. 
Someday we will all meet again. 

Monday, August 30, 2010

Meet Me On Monday


1. What is your favorite kind of potato chip?
2. Do you make your bed everyday?
3. How often do you go to the hair salon?
4. What do you dip your French fries in?
5 Do you shop with coupons?


My Answers!

1. What is your favorite kind of potato chip?
My favorite Potato Chip would have to be Kettle Chips or Cape Cod chips. They are so crunchy, salty and YUMMY

2.  Do you make your bed everyday?
That would be a negative! My hubby works evenings and so he will sleep during the day. When I roll out of bed, I will fold my covers back up on my side (make the bed) but then he will toss and turn and roll and take the covers and when I go in after he goes to work it looks as if he was wrestling a bear in his sleep! He always says though, "what's the point of making your bed when you are just going to get in it again later?"

3.  How often do you go to the hair salon?
Not that often. The last time I went was in June 2010 and I'm hoping to go again in mid-September to touch up my roots/color. I usually dont go but about once every year maybe twice every year. I need to pamper myself more often.
4.  What do you dip your French Fries in?
I dip my fries in Ranch usually. On a rare occasion, I will dip them in Ketchup like "normal" people but I love the taste of Ranch.

 5.  Do you shop with coupons?
No, and even when I do clip out coupons, I still forget them. I'm sure if I would, I would definitely save some money.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Great Dates for Married Couples

After a "bad marriage" week, I am trying to make it work...at least so we can have a happy 5 yr wedding anniversary and not one where we are down each others' throats at something stupid.
These are just 3 great dates for married couples from the "Fireproof your Marriage" program. They seem like great ones except the fact my hubby doesn't go to church and I'm really not all that sure that he prays. 

Great Dates for Married Couples:

Memory Lane Date – Take a trip down memory lane. Talk about when
you first met and fell in love and enjoy remembering some of your best
moments together. Revisiting the good times in the past will energize
your relationship in the present!

Prayer Date – Praying together promotes spiritual intimacy so why not
have a prayer date? Go for a hike or walk and take turns praying for
each other, your marriage and your family.

What We Want for Us Date – Make a list of goals you want to set for your marriage. Is there an
area that you both would like to work on? Maybe you want to put some sizzle back into your love
life. Why not have a bookstore date and choose a book to read together.

Can you think of other great dates for married couples that brings the "sizzle" back into your marriage? If so, just leave it in the comments below!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Flashback Friday

Spring 2008. My lil man wearing his Football shirt. Football season is just starting for the high schools as well as Pro Teams. I have taken him to his first football game I believe that same year and it was to my high school rival game! He had a blast and I would love to take him again!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I love learning new things every day

I love photography. It is my passion. Unfortunately, I had to tuck the "business" away for a bit as every thinks they are a photographer but in reality most are just "faux-tographers" and therefore stealing the business.
I have had some focus issues on my camera. To me in my view finder they look sharp. On the LCD of my camera they look sharp but when I pull it up in Photoshop --- BAM (yes, just like Emeril) they are OOF (Out of Focus). You can see steam coming out of my ears it is frustrating especially after a 10 min tantrum fest of trying to get my 4 yr old to take photos. No, he doesn't throw the fit, I do!
So I ran across the wonderful Pioneer Woman blog and ran across this handy little tid bit.

The question I am asked most frequently is “How do you get such good focus?”
I wrote a post for Ree a few years ago, and here it is:
The Secret to Focus
Yet I still receive frustrated emails and letters.
The writers wonder if it is the lens, if it is the camera, if it is them….
And for the longest time, all I could do was send folks over to Ree’s blog and hope something clicked.
Until one day, I got a message from a friend on Facebook. (Thank you Rosa!)
She mentioned that she was fiddling with her diopter and she was hoping that her focus would finally improve.
I had never heard of a diopter before this. I checked and found it in my manual and then on my camera.
I adjusted and adjusted again.
It is easy to do.
Here is the scoop: 
A diopter is a dial that adjusts for individual differences in vision.
If you have been struggling and struggling with your focus, perhaps your diopter is off.
Maybe you bumped it by accident.
Maybe someone else turned it.
Maybe you didn’t know it even existed.

It just so happens that my diopter was adequate for my eye sight. I just lucked out.
But gosh, if you are struggling, you’ve got to give it a try!
My diopter is on the right side of my camera near the auto flash. It has a plus and minus symbol on it.


On my camera I pull out the diopter dial, let the camera focus on something, then turn the little diopter dial until the picture I am looking at is sharp as can be.
Push the little diopter back in and see what you think.
That’s all there is to it!
The diopter: A little tool with big possibilities.
Encourage one another,
Miz Booshay

Im going to have to try this out. Hurry, where is my camera. Oh crappers, it is downstairs. NATURALLY!!!!
I will let you know how it went with that if I can get my 4 yr old to pose for some more photos. Until then, here are just 2 that I managed to get somewhat in focus the last time.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

To Clean or Not to Clean

My first real 8 hour shift at work went by, I swear, in about 3 hours. One minute I was steaming more shirts (as we have only been open a week and half) and then the next I was taking a lunch and working in the stock room (getting it organized) with my AWESOMELY COOL manager. I really think we were having more laughs than working, but that is what is so awesome about my job!

But with 2 days off today and tomorrow I am back to the "mommy/housewife" grind of cleaning the house since I never seem to have time to do it anymore. Today, I started with trying to get the dishes in the dishwasher cleaned before they got too crammed into the machine. Well, lately, we have had to rewash dishes because there is still food left on them mainly because "we" don't know how to either wash before we put the dishes in the dishwasher or there is just so many dishes in there, they aren't getting cleaned. For a while, it was all the hard water build up until a friend introduced me to Lemi-Shine.
You can buy it at any grocery store right above the liquid dishwashing soap. This stuff is formulated for dishwashers using hard water. It cleans the dishwasher along with your dishes. All you do is add it to the main soap chamber, then add your favorite dishwashing soap to the prewash chamber, and out comes perfectly clean dishes and most importantly, glasses you can see through!
After the load was done, there was still some dishes with food particles on them so I just washed them by hand and now the dishwasher is going through a cleaning phase where it has to sit with cleaner for 4 hours. Talk about being in "time out" *chuckles*

I have already cleaned the office as well as the upstairs loft. My goal for the rest of the day is to get the dishwasher finished, the kitchen cleaned and dishes RE-loaded in dishwasher for next go 'round and then get my master bathroom cleaned! Then tomorrow I will start on other "cleaning" projects around the house.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Meet Me On Monday!!!

Another blogger Java at Never Growing Old has this great idea of meeting other bloggers and letting readers into your life a little bit more than usual. I thought I would play along.
Every Sunday she posts a few questions of "Getting to know you" that I can copy and paste (anyone can do this) into my Monday's post.
Here is what Java has to say:
"Blogging is a funny thing...we tell our most intimate thoughts for all to read and yet most of the time I find myself sitting and wondering, "who is this person!?" I know them...but yet I don't know them! I want to know who the person is behind all those words so I thought of a great way for all of us to "meet" each other!"
1. What is your favorite kind of doughnut?
2. How often do you pray?
3. What is your favorite kind of music?
4. What do you order when you eat Chinese food?
5. Would you rather snowboard in the winter or swim in the summer?


My Answers:

1. What is your favorite kind of doughnut?

Wow that is a tough one seeing as I don't usually eat breakfast. I love the regular glazed doughnuts (I spell it donuts!) as well as the chocolate glazed donuts, BUT if I had a choice it would just be the chocolate glazed donuts. 

 2. How often do you pray?
 I pray when it is necessary. I pray before bed if I had a long and terrible day for the Lord to make the next a bit better and for everyone that needs prayers. Sometimes, I pray during the day. If I get news a friend needs my prayers, I stop in a moment of silence and pray for them. 

3. What is your favorite kind of music?
Another tough question. Well, I have about 6 presets in car and I have everything between classic rock, to country to hard rock to pop rock to soft rock to christian! But if I only had one preset it would be country music. 

 4.  What do you order when you eat Chinese Food?
I don't order Chinese food. I love to cook my own beef stir fry at home. 

5. Would you rather snowboard during the winter or swim during the summer?
That is an easy one...SWIM!!! I love the pool but this summer I haven't visited as much as I would like to

Sunday, August 22, 2010

6. Constrain Yourself

Some that know me may say I need to go to AM (Anger Management) but there are times when I have held it in for so long, I can no longer hold it in. I did pretty well at work last night at "constraining" myself.
We don't work off commission but our hours and our "promotions" are based on our customer service as well as our sales averages.
I had a customer walk in right about closing time last night and I sold to them many objects. My manager on the other hand, grabbed 4 Cowboys (last season) "sideline" hats (the hats the coaches were wearing) and she insisted that it was her sale. Yes that is almost a $100 sale but, seriously??? All you did was grab a few hats she said she needed...you didn't SELL them to her. She wasn't even on the clock either. Ugh, I did well though and just held it in.
Yay, go me! I feel proud I didn't say anything because if it was anyone different, I would've said something.

Help, I've Fallen and Can't Get Up

I will admit, that even though I had to work the last 2 days and step son wasn't home to get up and watch the lil dude, I got to sleep til 9:15-9:40 last few days!!! YAY!!!
Not so "yay" was work. Well, okay, I admit...I LOVE LOVE LOVE my job. I really don't think I would change it for the world. I am just a sales associate and who cares because every day is a different day at work.
My feet and back on the other hand DO NOT like my job. For the first 3 days of work, we set up the store from BARE walls to FULLY stocked shelves (to the point our manager came into work 2 days ago to find our walls falling down! *chuckles*) *Ooops!* Then I worked 2 days after the first 3 days of stocking the store. I had one day off and then RIGHT back to work for 3 days straight. Had a couple days off and then worked 2 days in a row. Not bad really but when I am on my day off, I am still busy. I am hardly sitting down (except to check email and blog and watch a bit of tv).
So, my feet and back are screaming at me to just sit and soak them in a warm tub of bath salt, BUT as a mom, I have no time for that. If I did, I would be sitting in a pedicure chair! Oooh, maybe next paycheck...I don't know. I'm already planning on getting a cute pair of boots (as I missed them last season) with my next check---something similar to these
How cute!! And I can still wear them to work and be comfortable! Hopefully my feet will feel the same.
Not sure why, but I have SUCH a high energy level while at work (well, we HAVE to be peppy) and then as soon as I get home, I feel like my energy hit the wall. I could crash...into bed and not wake up til the morning. BUT, I have 2 boys that are home and need my attention since BOTH are grounded from video games-----OH NO THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END!!!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

ONE Snack a Day

My mom always had the rule "You can have one snack a day. If you are going to eat cookies, you can have ONLY 4 cookies and that is your snack" Living with dear hubby, I have tried to follow that rule but he will take an entire pack of say Chocolate Chip Cookies (yum) and sit in his lap with a glass of milk and eat until he can't eat cookies anymore. That may be half the pack of cookies, and that may only be 4-6 cookies. You will still see me open the pack, grab 4 cookies out and that is my snack for the day. If I have crackers, that is it. If I have ice cream, that is it. So forth.
I met dear hubby in 2004 and his son was 7 going on 8. I will try not to be so harsh and say that step son's waist line at that time was not very friendly. For a 7 year old, he was overweight.

He would sneak a WHOLE pack of cookies and eat them ALL while we weren't watching or asleep. He would also eat an entire pack of donuts that was for all 3 of us (lil baby man wasn't born or thought of yet). It got to the point his mother had to put him on a diet per doc's request. That is terrible. He eventually moved to Hawaii with his mother and step dad and he lost A TON of weight

(This was his 8th grade photo.....7 years later from the 1st photo). He was doing well at asking if he can have a soda because we have a 1 soda a day rule with BOTH the boys, as well as a one snack UNLESS we offer you another but you have to ASK for it first.
Today, while cleaning, I found 3 pocketfuls of snack wrappers that consisted of 10-12 Pop Tart wrappers, 2 cracker wrappers, 2 popcicle wrappers, 2 "Ding Dog" wrappers, 2 Gummies/Skittles wrappers, and 4 nutri grain bar wrappers. Really??? THAT IS RIDICULOUS!!!!
I always wondered why his waist line was expanding again.
Come on Biggest Loser.....he likes watching that show and he watches how over weight those people are and how much they lose when they eat right and exercise. He will actually ride his bike more during that season as well as ask for soda and snacks but he is regressing....not sure why.
He eats 2-3 helpings (sometimes more) a meal and we dont DENY him snacks but it is nice to ask first and not "steal".

I hope dear hubby can get him straightened out because I dont want to sound like my mother to him! *chuckles* Also, I dont want to ban snacks from the house either.

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Search is On

It feels like searching for houses all over again except this time it is cars.

We have looked online at more than I count now but I THINK I finally found THE ONE. This one was like a wedding dress and when I saw it, I knew it was the one. Now I just have to wait and hear from the owner so I can go "test it out" by sitting in it, turning over the engine and possibly taking it for a test drive.
The only things I do not like about it is it is 2 door, leather seating AND it is white BUT I can't be too picky because I WANT a car!!!!
It is a 1998 Chrysler Seabring. AWESOME price too.

Everyone keep your fingers (and toes...if you can) crossed in hopes I can get this one...I LIKE IT!!!!

Interview with My Mother

Yes, it sounds silly to interview my mom but hey, this blog is basically about how alike we are or how much I act/sound like her. So, therefore, I wanted to give my readers an insight on what kind of person my mother is.

This is my mother, Wendy.

Why did your parents give you your name?
My sister named me Wendy because she knew that was my mom's favorite name - and it also had something to do with Peter Pan!

What is your birthdate?
Almost 49 years ago! (*have to add she doesn't look that old, does she?*)

Where was your birthplace?
Close to Beavercreek, Ohio (*sidenote, I was born in Dayton, Ohio*)

What was the happiest moment of your life?
When I married my husband, the birth of my 4 kids, the birth of 3 grandsons!

What was the saddest moment of your life?
Losing my grandparents, my brother and my mom

What are you proudest of in your life?
That I've kept my sanity through all you kids! and that I decided to go back to college! (*I am so proud of her for going back to school and also maintaining a 4.0 GPA! GO MOM!!!)

Is there anything that you've never told me but want to tell me now?
I am so over "drama"!  (*darn it...that told me NOTHING* chuckles)

Can I look in your purse? (*should I be scared?*)

If so, what things would I find?
It has a black hole - so everything in the universe! My billfold, pictures of family, important papers that I seem to need every time I turn around, lipstick, a comb, checkbook, receipts, a bag of lifesavers, cologne, keys, and kleenex (*sometimes I wonder if my purse has a black hole because when I need to find something I can't and then I find it later when I get home....oh and are there any pennies in that black hole?*)

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Chocolate! (Specifically Blue Bell Dutch Chocolate) 

What did you want to be when you were 10 years old? 
An Oscar-winning actress, a writer and a good singer (yeah, well I was delusional - on the singing part!) (*Wow, something I didn't know that I know now!*)

Do you think it’s easier or harder to be a mother now than when you were raising our family?
Easier! I've learned a lot from you four! 

What’s one of the best places you’ve ever traveled?
With my parents from Ohio through the US and Canada to California and then back again the fall we went to Disneyland!

What’s one place you’d still like to visit and why?
Someplace with my husband (because we NEVER get an "alone" vacation!) I'd love to see Australia, the UK, Europe, and New England. (*wouldn't we all want that "alone" time with our hubbys....well I have had a few times and want more. But would also love to go to those places you mentioned as well)

What’s one of the nicest things you’ve ever done for yourself?
Tried to have some time alone during the day to only focus on me 

What was your first car? 
a 1975 Red Chevy 4-door Nova. It was 3 years old and my Grandad bought it for me. (*not her car but here is one I pulled up on Googled*)

What’s the one thing you would have done differently as a mom?
Given some of you a better beginning to your life, praised and rewarded more, hugged more, listened better, and been a little more patient (*You hug a lot at least now a days so you are making up for all those missed hugs.....though I dont remember any missed. Don't we all which we would listen better and be a bit more patient?*)

Is my personality the same now as it was when I was younger? Tell me how I am the same or different.
Yes - you still wear your heart on your sleeve; you care and love deeply; for awhile you still waffled back and forth on your (ex) Best friend; you are still sweet!

What kinds of things did your mom and dad do with you that you have tried to do differently with us?
Their divorce was "messy" so I tried to spare you kids from that type of "mess". They "forbid" this or that and I tried not to do that - that doesn't mean I didn't give my very strong opinion! They made me share all of my toys with my niece and nephew but I never made you kids do that with your siblings - only some things that I considered "community" toys.

At last but least, for the sake of the blog (and the title), the last couple questions:

In what ways do you think I’m like you?
Oh, where do I begin?! Well for starters - you are starting to sound like me! You like to cook, scrapbook, do crafts, have a deep faith, like a lot of the same actors/actresses, movies & TV shows, and we share the same Zodiac! And we both want the last word!

In what ways am I not like you?
You're not as wise - yet! (*If I wasn't wise enough, I think I would've taken that as an insult* chuckles)

Flashback Friday

Wow, where did the week go? I was totally not thinking today was Friday! I just told a guy on the phone I would come look at his car (to possibly by it) Wednesday thinking it was Monday or something...what the heck? Where is my brain? Not with me obviously!

First day of school 1990. Left to right: Older sister S, Me Center: My younger brother J.

I am posting this because my step son starts his first day BACK at school come Monday. He will be in 9th grade, a freshman, this year. He will no longer be in middle school, but in high school.

School photos will come soon enough!

Check out my pink tights! WOW!!!! And that hair!!!!!

Bucket List 75. Have my photo professionally taken

I recommend all that can afford her to check out Leslie Spurlock. She was kind enough to actually do my TTD (Trash the Dress) photos at no cost. I was her guinea pig for this sort of photography. She did an OUTSTANDING job and I would use her for all my photography needs if I could afford her.

Bucket List 69. Dress in a Sexy Halloween Costume

So I got brave and bought a costume 2 years ago to wear for Halloween. The Halloween I was originally going to wear it ended up being when I had a really bad sinus infection so I was not all hyped up to wear it. Last year, I got the nerve after losing some weight and wore it.

Not something EVERY mom should do but it boosted my confidence and I felt great about it. I would definitely do it again....if I lost more weight to do it again!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bucket List 57. Go to Graceland

I love Elvis!

Hi there Mr King of Rock N Roll. Can I be your queen while you rock my world?

While visiting the in-laws in Tennessee, we stopped at Graceland for a short tour. Oh my gosh, definitely something I WILL do again.

Me outside the house "Graceland"

The front "parlor"

*sorry no flash allowed inside* Dear hubby and my baby man inside the home in the front parlor.

The Jungle Room

All Elvis' records/awards

Me out back by the pool

Elvis' headstone


Bucket List 36. Go to Vegas

So, for our 3 yr wedding anniversary (Oct 22, 2008) dear hubby surprised me with a trip to Vegas baby!!!!
Oh I was soooo excited. The only thing I was NOT excited about was waking up at 4am to get on a plane.
Hubby and I on the plane EARLY in the morning. I look pretty darned good with no make up on! Ha ha!
Dear Hubby in front of our hotel, The Excalibur. He was on the phone with his parents.

The Bellagio Fountains which were frequented by us quite a bit during the 2-3 day stay in Vegas.

It is so purty!

It is our goal to go again for our 5 yr wedding anniversary coming up this October!

Bucket List 31. Get a Tattoo

I always thought I would be the one that would never get a tattoo but in '07, the urge came over me. Now I have 3.

My first tattoo was done in Tennessee with my husband (hey, we did something together!) while we were visiting his parents.
It is a tattoo for my baby man.  His name, his birthdate and his state flag he was born in.

This is my 2nd one and it is on the top of my right foot if you couldn't figure that one out. It is the Irish Claddaugh ring with some tribal and 4 leaf clovers around it. It is for my hubby because I told him I would never put his name on my body.

This was the last one I got in October '10. The butterflies go smallest to largest for my siblings (younger sister, younger brother, me and my older sister) as well as birthstone colors.

I am wanting a few more but not sure what or where!