Sunday, August 22, 2010

6. Constrain Yourself

Some that know me may say I need to go to AM (Anger Management) but there are times when I have held it in for so long, I can no longer hold it in. I did pretty well at work last night at "constraining" myself.
We don't work off commission but our hours and our "promotions" are based on our customer service as well as our sales averages.
I had a customer walk in right about closing time last night and I sold to them many objects. My manager on the other hand, grabbed 4 Cowboys (last season) "sideline" hats (the hats the coaches were wearing) and she insisted that it was her sale. Yes that is almost a $100 sale but, seriously??? All you did was grab a few hats she said she didn't SELL them to her. She wasn't even on the clock either. Ugh, I did well though and just held it in.
Yay, go me! I feel proud I didn't say anything because if it was anyone different, I would've said something.

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