Tuesday, August 31, 2010

9 Yrs Today

9 yrs ago today, I lost THE best uncle I could ever have the privilege to meet. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and had been sick for so long, that he had stopped looking like the uncle I had known growing up. Prankster, sensitive, happy, fun-loving, teasing, well-mannered, loving, and gentle are words used to describe my uncle. He was so full of life; always laughing and playing jokes. He loved to pull pranks on people - he thought up lots of little "tricks" that us kids loved including one where it looked like he broke his thumb.  
On Friday, the 31st of August, my mother got the call about 1 p.m. He'd passed away about 10 minutes before. 
We all got on our way on Cullman, Alabama the very next day - by plane (oh that was a mess), rental car, and van. We all stayed in rooms close by at the same hotel and we all grieved together.  
I know even 9 yrs later he is where he belongs and in no more pain. 
Someday we will all meet again. 

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