Tuesday, August 17, 2010

2. Make Contact

I feel at times that since I got out of high school mid semester, I lost quite a bit of my friends. Come to find out, some were moms in high school or fresh out of high school. Now that Facebook is a huge hit, most of my friends ARE moms as well as working moms. Some stay at home. My lil M&M (what his cousin would call him while I was pregnant) just turned 4 and sometimes I feel as if he needs to be social and get out and go to play dates or pre-k. Another part of me says he is mean and won't share his toys and has hit a kid or two before. I don't want to have awesome friends to go to play dates with and come out enemies because M&M couldn't keep his emotions and opinions to himself. *chuckle*

I have made an effort though to get him in Pre-k this coming school year as it is VERY cheap (better than most daycares or preschools in this town). Also, I have made it an effort to make lunch/brunch dates with some girl friends here in my area. It has yet to happen but at least I am making plans to do it. It helps when some don't cancel on you without notice but others have been kind enough to give me a cancellation a few days in advance.

I am making progress.

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