Friday, August 13, 2010

Show me the....Love???

I am addicted to blogs. I will admit that. There are some humorous mom blogs I read daily, then there are some photography blogs I read daily and then just some all around blogs.

I usually have my fave blogs listed on the right hand side of my blog

-------------------------------------------------------------------------> over there

But I will make a list here as well so you can check them out yourself

1. Rita. She is a mom, a photographer, a blogger as well as an avid photoshop gal! I learned a lot of my photoshop skills from her.
Check her out at the Coffee Shop 

2. Morgan is from Texas and also a photographer/photoshopper. She taught me a few things as well.
Check her out at Morgan Kervin Photography

3. As a "momtog" I love reading blogs by other "momtogs" as well.
Check out Drew

4. So you see all these catalogs and think to yourself "Man, these people must have dogs, kids or boys living in their house"
If you share the same thought check out this blog that will having you laughing until the cows come home.

5. I am not big into Genealogy but my mother is and I read her blog every chance I get....okay whenever my other blogs have nothing interesting to read on them. I learn quite a bit. If you are into family history, check out her blog at All My Branches Genealogy

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