Saturday, August 21, 2010

ONE Snack a Day

My mom always had the rule "You can have one snack a day. If you are going to eat cookies, you can have ONLY 4 cookies and that is your snack" Living with dear hubby, I have tried to follow that rule but he will take an entire pack of say Chocolate Chip Cookies (yum) and sit in his lap with a glass of milk and eat until he can't eat cookies anymore. That may be half the pack of cookies, and that may only be 4-6 cookies. You will still see me open the pack, grab 4 cookies out and that is my snack for the day. If I have crackers, that is it. If I have ice cream, that is it. So forth.
I met dear hubby in 2004 and his son was 7 going on 8. I will try not to be so harsh and say that step son's waist line at that time was not very friendly. For a 7 year old, he was overweight.

He would sneak a WHOLE pack of cookies and eat them ALL while we weren't watching or asleep. He would also eat an entire pack of donuts that was for all 3 of us (lil baby man wasn't born or thought of yet). It got to the point his mother had to put him on a diet per doc's request. That is terrible. He eventually moved to Hawaii with his mother and step dad and he lost A TON of weight

(This was his 8th grade photo.....7 years later from the 1st photo). He was doing well at asking if he can have a soda because we have a 1 soda a day rule with BOTH the boys, as well as a one snack UNLESS we offer you another but you have to ASK for it first.
Today, while cleaning, I found 3 pocketfuls of snack wrappers that consisted of 10-12 Pop Tart wrappers, 2 cracker wrappers, 2 popcicle wrappers, 2 "Ding Dog" wrappers, 2 Gummies/Skittles wrappers, and 4 nutri grain bar wrappers. Really??? THAT IS RIDICULOUS!!!!
I always wondered why his waist line was expanding again.
Come on Biggest Loser.....he likes watching that show and he watches how over weight those people are and how much they lose when they eat right and exercise. He will actually ride his bike more during that season as well as ask for soda and snacks but he is regressing....not sure why.
He eats 2-3 helpings (sometimes more) a meal and we dont DENY him snacks but it is nice to ask first and not "steal".

I hope dear hubby can get him straightened out because I dont want to sound like my mother to him! *chuckles* Also, I dont want to ban snacks from the house either.

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