Sunday, August 15, 2010

12. Take Pictures

Like I said in my last post, I am a photographer mommy, or as some like to call it a "momtog". I take pictures all the time. I will date this post to the latest date of my photos because I did not take these photos today. I love taking photos and have been since I swear I was born. *chuckle*

Photos are the windows to the soul. You can see the character, their thought, their wonder, their emotions as well as their personalities.

 This is my dear hubby (of almost 5 yrs I might add). In this photo, you can see he is happy....or is he. He was really being my guinea pig to test out my new lighting he gave me for Christmas '09. Thanks babe! Also, I feel, though, in the back of his mind he is probably saying "you can do this on your own. You are a smart cookie. I would really like to be downstairs watching Stargate Universe or playing Modern Warfare 2" He doesn't ever call me a smart cookie but I am sure if he was snazzy enough, he would! *chuckle*
 This is our newest family member. He has been a member since November '09. I named him Squirt because of his pint size stature BUT I think he is taking his name too literal as I have steamed cleaned pee out of our carpets a gazillion times. In this photo he is probably saying "mommy, why the hell do you have me on this stool? Really? I could fall off and get hurt. Get me off here or I will pee not just on the stool but on your pretty, nice, clean black backdrop." Snap....get off my stool and get in your bed!
My lil M&M at Grandma and Grandpa's farm in Missouri. Every so often, you will here "mommy, COWS!!!" from the back of the truck. He was ECSTATIC to see cows up close and especially to have one or more looking back him.

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