Wednesday, August 18, 2010

81. Work Hard

I like to work hard. It makes me feel like I have done something or did something during the day. For 3 days in a row at the beginning of this month, I worked hard with other workers at emptying boxes upon boxes upon boxes to fill up a HUGE store that had NOTHING in it to begin with. After the store was all set up and we were open for business, my manager uses the term "Work smart, not hard. I don't like hard workers, I like smart workers." My response to her is that "I like to work hard. That is who I am."

To her working smart would be like taking a box of shirts, unpacking them, laying them on the table in size order and then putting hangers on them. My idea of working hard is unpacking a box of shirts, sticking them neck first onto my arm and then sliding a hanger onto them and THEN putting them in size order as I put them on the rack. Okay, so what? Her way of working is smarter AND less time consuming but to me if I finish something TOO quickly, I may run out of things to do and I like to stay busy.

I work hard everyday. Just yesterday, for example, I was hanging up gift bags/recyclable bags and I would hang up one set of bags, climb DOWN the ladder, grab a new set of bags, go BACK UP the ladder and repeat and rinse! *chuckle* So what if I was working hard. Shows that I am willing to stay busy and willing to get the job done whether in a timely manner or not instead of being like some employees and standing there with their fingers in their noses or hands in their pockets whistling while the tumbleweeds blow by.

Hi, my name is Teresa, and I am a hard worker!

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