Wednesday, August 18, 2010

99. Find Time

I was a stay at home for over 3 yrs and even stayed home (didn't work) before I had a baby and I always used the line "I never have time...." All stay at home moms should have time for something...right??? Wrong. Especially finding time for yourself. That is a hard one.

Now that I am a working mommy, I HAVE to find time to spend with the kids, the family, the hubby as well as myself.

I am proud of myself though as I finally picked up a book several weeks ago and read it in ONE entire day. It was that good. "Cry No More" by Linda Howard was the name of the book. I dare you to pick it up and NOT put it down!!! I can't express just how great that book was and to finish it in one day was an accomplishment. I think back on that time and say to myself "How the Hell did I find time to do that?" I still don't know. I am just as baffled as you are.

My goal before the end of August is to make time for each of my kids, my hubby as well as myself and maybe a few friends. And let's not forget the is in desperate need of some TLC (Tough, Long, Cleaning) *chuckle*

I am not working tomorrow so my goal for Thursday is to start with the kitchen, then dining room as well as the living room. If I can get the main focus of the house clean, I will feel good. Friday is the start of Tax Free weekend since school starts Monday the 23rd. (*sarcastically thrilled*) Therefore, Friday, I am taking step son to get some school supplies as well as some new uniform clothes. Yes, we are in a school district where they have to wear navy, black or khaki pants with any colored polo shirt. I like it in a way that no other kid can make fun of another because basically you would be making fun of yourself since you are wearing the same thing as that other kid. BUT, on the other hand I don't like because that means I have to dish out a few more bucks to buy new clothes. Dear hubby has to work that evening so I will be doing this all on my own....maybe it will help the bonding/friendship between step son and I.

Saturday and Sunday it is back to work I go to deal with all the crazy tax free shoppers.

When school starts, it is my goal to take M&M to the movies like I used to do last year for some "mommy and me" time as well as maybe a few times to Chuck E Cheese (but in my mind it isn't the same without "Kukle" *Uncle* J or "Nini" *Auntie J*) but we will manage. He has been absorbed into his video games so I want to pull him away from those. I will gather a few paychecks from this new job and then possibly enroll him in Pre-k. It would definitely help him out socially as well as get him ready for Kindergarten next year but, then again, he is my only baby right now and c'mon, he will be a Kindergartner next year.....NOOOOOO!!!!!

I WILL find time for my family, myself, my house, my friends as well as each of my furbabies.

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