Thursday, August 19, 2010

Insurance Company, Appliance Store, Car Dealership-Oh My!

Saturday about 1am, I came to find out that my dryer was blowing freezer like cold air. That isn't good. Ummm, is it supposed to do that? Didn't think so! Come to find out, the heating element had a broken coil on it. Well, that dryer was good to us....we had it running for 5+ years before the coil broke. Spent $80 *gasp* on a new element....well, that isn't too bad considering that we would've spent over $300 on a new dryer! Now the sucker runs like new and it heats up to sauna Arizona summer temps! Sweetness! Mommy is a happy mommy now!!! No more hanging clothes out to dry! That was NOT fun but the bright side is they all dried in less than 2 hours because the temps are over 100* outside.

I bought a '95 Chevy Cavalier that was my Grammy's in November of '09. Finally started driving it about March '10 and about June '10, the brake line my drive way. No bueno! Dear hubby was so handy and fixed it but then we realized soon after there was another issue. I'm no car doctor or anything but when the tires start to look like Mater's from Pixar's CARS movie: you know something else is wrong.
It is no joke, my tires looked EXACTLY like that. I am sure Lizzie, yes, she is my Grammy....felt the way Mater looks.
So, we filed a claim with our insurance and they said the body shop proclaimed the car a liability because the subframe collapsed on itself and it was no time at all the rear of the car would collapse. So the car had to be "totaled"
Now, sadly enough, she probably looks like this.

My heart still breaks for her.
BUT....dear hubby and I went "car shopping" today to all those "side of the road" cheap dealerships but found nothing to our liking and when we did....SOMETHING was wrong with it that we did not want to deal with fixing. We are still on the hunt!

Now that my dryer is working and I am done running around town like a chicken with its head cut off, I am going to start a load of laundry and ENJOY putting it in the dryer HOPING that they only have to go through one spin in the dryer to be pronounced dry.

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