Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bucket List 31. Get a Tattoo

I always thought I would be the one that would never get a tattoo but in '07, the urge came over me. Now I have 3.

My first tattoo was done in Tennessee with my husband (hey, we did something together!) while we were visiting his parents.
It is a tattoo for my baby man.  His name, his birthdate and his state flag he was born in.

This is my 2nd one and it is on the top of my right foot if you couldn't figure that one out. It is the Irish Claddaugh ring with some tribal and 4 leaf clovers around it. It is for my hubby because I told him I would never put his name on my body.

This was the last one I got in October '10. The butterflies go smallest to largest for my siblings (younger sister, younger brother, me and my older sister) as well as birthstone colors.

I am wanting a few more but not sure what or where!

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