Tuesday, August 17, 2010

54. Rearrange Furniture

As you may notice, I just started this blog so be patient with me as I am just filling in all the things I have done so far on the 102 Things list.

Back in early July, I was bored out of mind. I was also unhappy for some unGodly reason that I don't know of now! Either way, I decided I was going to rearrange M&M's room. Not just because I had nothing else to do but also because his bed was adjacent to his window and he was getting up earlier than usual probably because the sun was coming in through the crack of his curtains.

I started to rearrange and had everything in the center of the room when dear hubby came in and said to me "while you have everything in the middle of the room, why don't you just paint it?" Sweet!!! I love painting....rooms that is! So, I gathered up my 3 yr old (at the time) and took him to Lowe's, our nearest home/decor shop (it is like a Home Depot for those that aren't familiar with it). I let him pick out his own paint color and he was happy to do so. First he told me "mommy, my want black." Blank stare. Huh? Black? You want black? Literal LOL (laugh out loud). Ummmm, no sir we are NOT painting your room black lil dude! He picked out 2 colors: a gray and a dark navy blue. I really didnt want to do a blue even though it is my fave color of all times only because our master bathroom and his bathroom are a light sky/sea foam blue. He ended up picking the gray: "Eiffel Tower" as it is called. I made him carry the color pallet around the store for 'round about 5 minutes and kept asking "are you sure you want the gray". Yes mommy, he would reply. Okay. so gray it is.
I will be dead honest and say I did not like the color when I was painting it and it is still growing on me. He came to me a few days after his room was all said and done and said "mommy, my like my black room." Ummm dude, it is gray. "Mommy, paint no gay, paint black". I laugh every time!

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