Monday, August 16, 2010

New House, New Year

(Taken from another blog of mine so the dates don't correspond)

I cannot believe I have lived in this GORGEOUS house for a year now. We have been wanting to move for 5 yrs now and we were FINALLY able to move. After, I swear, 40+ houses and MANY hours and months later, we found this beauty!

It was something that we were surprised to see in our price range. A 4 bedroom/4 bath home with 2,258 square feet and was built in 2001. So, it was pretty new. We moved in Mid-June 2009 and it slowly sank in that this was OUR house.

 This is looking at the bathroom from the closet doorway looking into the Master Bedroom.

This is our Master Bathroom (downstairs). I picked out the shower curtain at Anna's Linens (great store) and I picked the paint to match the shower curtain. Unfortunately no room for towel racks so we have to throw them over the shower curtain. Also, little man takes a bath in our bathroom (the water heats up faster in there) so his toys are next to the tub.
The door you see (not the door knob) but the door next to the toys is our Master Closet which is HUGE. It is literally like an extra bedroom it is so big!

This is my step son's bathroom (upstairs). The door I am standing at actually connects to another bedroom but we are using it as our office at the moment. My sister in-law gave us the shower curtain and we have a matching bath mat but I have no earthly clue where that is at. Since this photo was taken, he now has a red bath mat as well as a red trash can.

We were able to buy a new couch/love seat set from an awesome dealer near our new house. Prices are HARD to beat and nothing is used. They are a cappachino color with a dark brown almost black trim. VERY comfortable too.
Behind the love seat is a mantle that separates our living room from our dining room.

The previous owners had a grill that looked similar to this and dear hubby commented on how he would love to have one. So, come Father's Day (not long after we moved in) I went to the local Academy Sports & Outdoors and bought him this. He was in love with it.

Yes it is a photo of my cramped messy garage but it is to show you it is a 2 car! For 5 yrs we had a 1 car garage that barely had any walking room in it and WOULDN'T even fit a car in it. Now we can fit dear hubby's boat!

Our living room with our DVD stand that dear hubby made and our brand new flat screen TV.

This is our kitchen after younger sister J and I painted it. Yes, it is red. I LOVE IT.

This is the view of the back of the house (*taken when we were first looking at the house).

Stairs leading to loft and the loft (empty of course as this was taken when we were first looking at the house). This area is also used as a kid play area, my photography studio as well as a "homework" area.

This is little man's bathroom (also used as a guest bathroom). The paint is the same as the Master Bathroom and the theme is "Lighthouses".

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