Monday, August 16, 2010

48. Be Persistant

Keep at it! That is my idea of "Be Persistant". I mentioned before I was a LONG TIME stay at home mommy (SAHM). Well, I would say I was a LONG TIME stay at home mom but I have been for at least 3 yrs and 4 months of my son's life. I only had ONE job since I became a mommy. I was a photographer for JcPenny. I worked there for 8 months and LOVED every bit of it.....well except the manager. I will admit, she was bipolar....even she would admit to that. Too many Red Bulls or cigarettes or planning her wedding and not having any time off from excuse in my book. I really don't feel like going in depth about her or that job, so I won't!

After I QUIT, not got terminated like she says I did...ya right, whatever.....anyways, after I quit working for JCP, I stayed home for a bit. I enjoyed not getting up in the mornings except to eat a bowl of cereal and watch Sesame Street with M&M. I enjoyed not getting home after dinner time because I LOVE to cook. No, I may not want to do it all the time, but I love it. I have a drawer specifically for cooking magazines as well as cookbooks.

But, push came to shove, and we moved to a new town after 5 yrs in what I would call the center of, really! I decided that it was time to get a job, yet again. I am not a people person and I will shout that at the rooftops....but I am sure my neighbors would think I am crazy and call a shrink for me. I am not a morning person, I am a night owl. Always have been, always will. 5 yrs of no house payment or rent and BOOM it hits us like a brick wall. WHOA!!!! Where are we going to get the money to afford this place?? Okay, so I got on my best friend Craigslist and searched until I was psychodelic colors in the face for a job. I looked at admin jobs, retail jobs, teaching (daycare) jobs, maid jobs, even to the point of being a dance instructor. Ya, laugh it up! I did! FINALLY, before I was scheduled to be a camp director for a church camp this past summer, I got a phone call. It was for an interview for a company called Rally House Texas but better known as the Kansas Sampler up in Kansas/Missouri area. I was nervous as I was interviewing with the recruiter as well as the District Manager. I went almost a week with no phone call so I called the recruiter. We played a little game of phone tag....never fun at all but, hey, at least you don't have to stop to catch your breath! Finally, the recruiter called me back and told me the good news....of course in a voice mail. CRAP!!!!! NEVER EVER EVER EVER let your phone go to voice mail if it is regarding a job.....that just makes you look bad. Either way, they wanted to offer me a part time sales associate job and I took it!!! Yay, I am not a working again!!!!

I was persistant. I was on Craigslist every day, afternoon, evening...oh just about every time I was on the computer. I lost count how many resumes I sent out to companies.

I don't like to be a quitter. I like to set a goal and accomplish it. I feel I have accomplished that one.

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