Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wonderful Weather-filled Wednesday

Got some awesome news today but I will start from the beginning.
Our women's fellowship has a montly lunch every 1st Wednesday of every month. This month (today) we went to this place called Old West Cafe where they serve lunch and breakfast anytime of the day. I had their chicken fried steak and it was delicious. My dear 4 year old had a HUGE chocolate chip pancake with whipped cream on it. He didnt eat it all but he ate quite a bit.
I was joined by my mother (of course), my almost 1 yr old "monkey" (Nephew) as well as my younger sister (monkey's mommy) and only 1 lady from church. The awkward part was my younger sister being there. We haven't spoken in over 3 months and it will continue that way. I personally believe she is childish and needs to grow up and I am done buying her back or playing her childish games so I will let her come to me when she is ready. Today......not that day!
When I got home, I ran back out for a job interview. My hours at my current job have been cut back from 24 hours to 15 a week. That is DEFINITELY not enough hours for the pay to keep up with bills and such. I went to this interview seeking a 2nd part time job but this ended up with a phone call offering me a FULL TIME position as well as more pay than I am getting now. I will take it! I'm excited and a bit bummed. I love my job I am at now and I love all the people I work with and hate to end on a "bad" note but I will have to let my manager know that I am going to put in a 1 week notice and not 2 weeks seeing as the new store I will be working at opens next week.
Also, the weather has been a bit unsure of itself today. We have had dark clouds and some wind and FINALLY about an hour ago we received some light cool drizzle. It has definitely cooled off from the high 90's to the low 80's! It is nice out!

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