Saturday, September 18, 2010

Official Manager

Full Time Daughter.

Full Time Sister.

Full Time Wife.

Full Time Mom.


Really??? How did I get myself into this position? I have always dreamed of having a full time job SOMEWHERE but didnt think it would include me to be in 5 places at once. If I am not needed at work, the kids need me. If the kids dont need me, the hubby needs me. If the hubby doesn't need me, one of my siblings does. If one of my siblings doesn't need me, then my mom needs me (but very rarely).
Our store has only been opened since Tuesday this week and so I have not really comprehended my entire "Manager" duties. I thought I was just the "administrative" part of being a manager which included doing paperwork and the schedule every week.
Speaking of schedule, I have FINALLY learned to make a work schedule using Microsoft Excel. Sweet!!! Im extremely happy! I learned Excel or spreadsheets in 7th grade (wont tell you the year that was!) and I have NEVER used it since. Im dead serious!
I feel that ever since I applied for this job....not just the manager position but the job in itself at the toy store, I have gotten WAY less sleep than after my son was born. I am not joking. I am labeling product in my sleep and I have to wake myself up or I will feel more tired than when I went to bed. Last night, I was opening boxes and putting product on the shelves in my dream. Ugh, and you guessed it, I feel VERY tired.
It doesn't help my step son didnt load the fridge with more sodas and water (one of his very few chores) so I am drinking a warm Dr Pepper. Ick!
I am in the training process of training other employees and may be hiring a few newbies on as well so yesterday (Friday) was my Monday and then Wednesday and Thursday are my weekend since they are my days off for the next couple weeks until I can get others trained to open and close the store. Speaking of opening and closing the store, I get a key to the store! WOO HOO!!!!

Watch out Party City.

Watch out Sergeants.

Watch out Petco.

Watch out JcPenny Portrait Studios.

Watch out Rally House.

MAMA IS MOVIN' ON UP in the workforce!!!!!!!!!!

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