Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mommys Do NOT Build Forts

Okay, maybe we used to as kids in the living room with cardboard boxes and blankets.
I promised my son some "mommy and me" time last night by telling him I would build a fort (for the 2nd time in his room this year) and I would sleep with him in the fort. 1) I KNOW I will wake up in the morning with the WORST back ache ever and 2) I KNOW I would wake up still feeling VERY tired because lack of sleep.
The reasons mommys do not build forts are:
1) because they fall down in the middle of the night on your child
2) because they are not sturdy enough the roof starts to cave in on you
3) because it gets really hot under all the blankets
4) because it gets hard to breathe and
5) because there just isn't enough room to sit up and read bedtime stories or toss and turn without hitting something.
Our fort with no "canopy"/roof
The floor of our fort. Mommy slept on the left and lil man slept on the right.
Our fort all done
Lil man peeking out from the base of our fort "cheese-ing" it
Lil man inside the fort again with a cheesy grin

Lil man was scared of monsters or something so Buzz Lightyear came to the rescue as "night guard". He even had his laser ready!
Mommy and lil man. He said the flash was too bright (as I took the photo in complete darkness) and that is why his eyes were closed.

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The Frantic Mother. said...

This was cute and I can't wait tell I get to build forts with my little man!