Thursday, September 23, 2010

Always Be Aware of Your Surroundings

So I was at the park this afternoon enjoying a WAY TOO breezy day but at least it wasn't hot. I kept thinking to myself, if anything was to happen to my child, would I be aware of my surroundings and be able to tell officers or anyone else the events and things that took place.

Look above you:
The picnic bench awning

Look below you:
My feet, my shoes, my lil man's shoes and part of my condensating drink (even though it wasn't that hot out....all my ice melted within 10 min)

Look in front of you:
My lil man coming for a drink of water

Look to your left:
Some homes, the parking lot, my car, and a bike rack.

Look to your right:
An empty seat.

Look behind you:
The pond and some businesses.

I thought that was fun! It also shows what kind of day I have had. I am enjoying my days off from work!

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