Sunday, September 12, 2010

30 Days of Truth - Day Eight

Day 08 → Someone who has made your life hell or treated you like shit.

Oh this is a tough one. I have been thinking about this one all day. I have many people that I can list so here we go, buckle your seat belts, you're going to have the ride of your life. 

I will start with my so called best friend from middle/high school. She stabbed me in the back many times as well as lied to other people about me as well as boyfriends and then come to find out years later, she slept with a boyfriend (well ex) of mine. How NOT cool. Her and I were always together pretty much every weekend and even stayed the night at each others' houses. Fast forward to high school and she started making "excuses" why her and I couldn't hang out. It was hurtful. Then fast forward to college when she found out that a guy she liked was my tutor, she called my boyfriend at the time and told him I was sleeping with him and he broke up with me the next day. (Pictured below: "Best Friend" and I at prom in 2001 our Junior Year)

Next on the list would be my ex boyfriend aka my high school sweetheart. This is tough to write because he is my best friend now. I guess we both had to grow up and mature but back in the day, he broke my heart but what high school romance doesn't end in heartbreak? He lied at times and he left me for another girl who would later become his wife who is now becoming his ex wife. He hurt me and made my life at the time Hell but I am sure I did the same to him. (Pictured below: ex as a senior in high school)  

 The next on the list would be my biological dad for obvious reasons that I don't feel like getting into at the moment....not on my blog or we would be here ALL day. So let's just post a photo of what I would call the asshole of all men created, shall we?

 The next in line would be my husband for the simple fact it has been almost 5 years of marriage but almost 7 years with him total. I am sure I have made his life hell as well and in a way we joke that maybe that is why people get married, just to have someone permently bug the hell out of someone and make your life miserable. *chuckles* We have had our ups and downs and our trust issues and our fights and our bickering but almost 5 yrs of marriage...that should say something, right!?!?

And last but not least is myself. I wold have to say I am my own worst enemy when it comes to making my life hell and treating myself like shit. I put myself down on many occasions. I blame myself for things that I never did. I call myself names and make the worst critiques about myself. I am trying hard to change all that. 

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