Saturday, September 4, 2010

29. Start Anew

Next month, dear hubby and I will celebrate 5 yrs of marriage. I told him that it doesn't seem like a very long time but then again it is a long time. I also told him that it seemed that the bad outweighed the good in the last 5 yrs and I want to try to work on our relationship as well as the relationship we have with just ourselves and try to make the next years better.
I have been doing a lot of thinking and "researching" and I have actually, at least to myself and my hubby, started to become a better person.
I am starting anew. I am not changing who I am because I did that too many times in the past. If you dont like me for who I am then dont be with me or dont befriend me. I am just taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture and starting fresh with new techniques and ways of going about things.

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