Saturday, September 25, 2010


I was not feeling well today so I left work early. BUT, before I left, I got lil dude a new game called Zingo. It is Bingo with a twist and it is for ages 4+. We were at Borders last night (book store) and he threw a fit about a book I was going to get him (The Little Engine That Could) and so we didnt get it. Then he wanted a book so I went to let him pick out his own but my dear hubby left the store and I could not be sure if I was "allowed" to get him the book/toy or not as dear hubby was paying some bills and didnt want to use money that was needed for bills. I felt really bad for not letting lil man get anything so I was a good mommy and brought him home a game.
He is having a blast with it and he has won 5 out of the 7 games we played together! It teaches learning skills such as: matching, reading skills, memorization and playing as a team or competitive.


charlotte said...

I work for ThinkFun, as part of the team that just revamped the Zingo game - we love hearing from happy families who are enjoying game play together!

I'm so glad that our game was such a hit with your son - Sounds like he's a natural :)

Teresa said...

Charlotte, I guess you have no blog :( I was going to follow you!
I work for Learning Express Toys. A company here in Texas that just opened and we carry lots of ThinkFun toys/games. I am about to get Zingo Numbers for my son come next payday! I am loving it too! It is a great game.
I would also love to get Whats Gnu? and Rush Hour least that is what we carry in our store. Some of the products on your site, we dont carry :(