Wednesday, September 22, 2010

30 Days of Truth - Day Eighteen

Day 18→ Your views on gay marriage.

All I have to say is AS LONG AS THE COUPLE ARE HAPPY. 
Dignity & respect: "The institution of marriage conveys dignity and respect towards a couple that make a lifetime commitment to support each other"
SSC (same sex couples) deserve dignity and respect
Equal Rights: Denying marriage to same-sex couples removes from one group a fundamental, important human right -- the right to marry the person that one loves and to whom one has made a commitment. That is unfair and unjust in a democracy. 
Financial & Security: Denying one group the right to marry has many adverse emotional and financial consequences. Examples are Social Security, Medicare, medical leave, and other benefits; property inheritance; the right to visit their spouse in hospital, and make medical decisions if they are incapacitated; security of the couple and of their children. 

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