Monday, September 13, 2010

30 Days of Truth - Day Nine

Day 09→ Someone you didn't want to let go of, but drifted.

Someone I didnt want to let go but have been at work from 11am to 6pm and I had ALL that time to think of something for today's daily truth but I cannot think of anything but one person. That would be my ex boyfriend from high school. Yes, that was then and this is now and we all can't marry our high school sweethearts, but hey....I didnt let him go, I didnt want him to go....but he went, left, drifted. 
I still talk to him to this day about random stuff, our kids, our marriages, old times, our families, daily crap going on, and even work and movies!
There is that saying:
If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it is yours. If it doesn't, it was never yours to begin with. 

I loved him, but it isn't like I set him free. He came back many times (as did I...during our on and off times) but he still wasn't mine even though I thought he was. The last time he left, he never came back and I had it in my heart he wasn't mine to begin with. He is my best friend. He understands me more than I probably understand myself and I love having a friend like that. 
So here is a new saying:
If you care about something, hold on tight and never let go! 
That can mean as either a lover or a friend but either way, they will be there for you no matter what. Even though he is hundreds of miles away, he is my best friend and he is there to lend me some advice or agree to take mine *chuckles* and he is always there to listen when I need a friend to talk to and I am there to do the same. 
*Let's raise our glasses to BEST FRIENDS* 

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