Saturday, September 11, 2010


Besides being a mommy....although I was telling myself the other day "I want to be a SAHM (stay at home mom) again". Don't get me wrong, I loved my job at Rally House. Yes, I said "loved" meaning I no longer work there. What, why not, you ask? Because I got offered a full time position elsewhere with better pay and I said "sayonara" to the previous job.
I try to type this blog and I am being distracted by a dog doing circles chasing his tail.

Anyways, *chuckles*..not sure who is more distracting...the puppy, the lil man or myself!

I got another job elsewhere with a company called Learning Express Toys. We sell all sorts of toys for all ages for both boys and girls. I have even had the urge to crack some toys open to "test" them.
Either way, before I left to go home from work today (if that is what you really want to call it seeing as the store is not open yet and we are just unloading product and putting it out on the floor), I was offered by the owner of the store to take the full time manager position. Well, she said "call it manager, assistant manager or whatever. It is the administrative part of being a manager like doing the schedule and all the paperwork that comes with being a manager. I am excited. I did not get a pay raise but like I said the store isn't even open just yet and I am sure by the 1st of the year I will possibly have a pay raise under my belt as well as a few months of experience.

And with this blog comes a few new photos from the past few weeks:
My lil dude in his car seat!

We made a "pallet" on the floor in our room for him as he had an accident in his bed and didnt tell mommy and we didnt have any extra sheet sets for his size bed (twin).

God bless my sister in law who got lil dude a new sheet set for his bday so we have an extra set of sheets now incase he has anymore accidents.

Painted my toes a metallic teal "Fiji" this weekend as well as my fingers a metallic silver "Frosted Ice"

I love pampering myself.

Yesterday lil dude was awesome enough to help me with getting groceries!

And today I made a Hot Fudge Cake because I dont bake enough.

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