Monday, September 27, 2010

Meet a New Mommy

I am hosting a new mommy every week that you can check out her blog, her business, etc.
Today's mommy is Autumn from Ramblings of a Frantic Mother.

[first name]

Pontotoc Mississippi

[how long you've been a mom]
 Almost 2 years now.  I have been a mom for 22 months now.

I am a SAHM, and LOVE it

[tell us about your family (whatever you are comfortable sharing with us)]
My husband meant when I was 14, and married when I was 16. I know that sounds a little weird, but we love each other and could not be any happier. He is only 5 years older them me, well 5 years and 4 days.  We own a house and 2 cars, 2 dogs, and 4 fish. We only have one son. He was a Thanksgiving baby. I had him by C-section at 6:51 AM after being in labor for over 18 hours.   

[favorite things in life - big and small]
I love to read, I am a big book worm. I always sneak away for an hour or 2 just to read a few chapters of a book. My husband knows when I get a book down and head to the bedroom, that I have put myself in time out. I also love to play with my son. I think I play more now then I did when I was a child. I enjoy hid and seek, and rolling on the floor more now then I did as a child. I guess getting joy from the simple things in life is a mom thing.

[give us an example of how you've gotten your groove back after becoming a mom (mind, body and/or soul).]
I am only 18, so losing my groove was never a big thing for me. I was just a teenager when I got pregnant. It was planed, because we knew that we could do it. My husband had a job and a vehicle and was already on his own.  A lot of people think that because I was young when I got pregnant I would be a bad mom or be on welfare, but we accept no government help. Being a mom gives me great joy, and I know a lot of people will say things, like I lost my childhood, or my son will see me as more of a play mate then a mother. That is not true at all through. I took care of my brother and sister most of my childhood because my mother was sick, and my step father was a bum. My son is very well behaved and everyone always complements us on how respectful he is for being so young. There is know reason I can not be a friend to my son, and a mother.

[a mom of inspiration to you?]
This is were most people put their own mother. If any thing I strive to be unlike my mother in everyway. My Aunt Mindy is my inspiration. She has 1 son and is a wonderful mother. She had a hard time getting pregnant and always wanted a child. When she finally got her son she turned out to be an excellent mother. She is almost 40 and her son is 7 now. He is very well behaved and knows how well loved he is.

[pet peeve(s)]
Oh no! I have so many! ( Insert sarcasm here) I really do not have any. I could say, when my husband dose not make the bed, but I don't either so I can't complain. I don't really have any, not much really bothers me. I am one of those rolling with the flow kind of moms. It that how you say it? I think it is more of going with the flow. HEHE

[how do you describe motherhood in just one word?]

[favorite web site]
The one I spend the most time on is Facebook. I love uploading pictures for my family out west. I spend a lot of time on Circle of Mom's.

[movie or book you recommend to other mommy readers/why?]
The Guardian By: Nicholas Sparks is a book I would recommend. It is just a really good book. It is one of those finding the love of your life books and then losing them only to discover you can have more then one great love in your life. It’s a story of a woman who is down and out on her luck who is rescued by a small town sales man. He dies not long after they marry and she gets a gift from him, that helps her through out the book.

[favorite indulgence]
Can I say alone time? Can that be covered under indulgence. I love to indulge in alone time. I don't get much of it, but when I do, OH BOY I run with it. Have you ever heard that saying give them an inch and that take a mile. I am like that with my alone time.  The conversation for me and my husband is a lot like this
" I am going to go paint my toe nails, give me 10"
"Alright, I am going to watch ESPN"
     2 hours go by
"Autumn, what are you doing?"
" Painting my toe nails."
" It dose not take that long to paint 10 toes, what else have you been doing?"
" Well I took a shower, then I decided I wanted to shave, then after I shaved I noticed that the bathroom need to be wiped down. I did all that then felt a little tired so I took a 30 min power nap, and now I am painting my toe nails. I will be out in 5"
30 min go by before I come out of the bedroom.
That is about a once a week thing. I am glad I have a husband who dose not mind watching our little one while I pamper myself, besides, if he dose not want me looking like big foot then I need alone time.
Thanks Autumn for sharing with us this week. Go follow Autumn at her blog in the link above.
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