Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ways to Say "Im Sorry"

I'm sorry I was such a "jerk"
(with a small bag of jerky)

They say the best way to make up with a girl is buy her jewelry...I hope they're right
(attached with a ring pop)

Sometimes I can be a real airhead...I'm sorry I forgot about...
(with airhead candy)

Can I come out of the dog house now? I'm really sorry.
(candy dog treats or a plush dog)

I made a big mistake...I wish I could erase it. I'm sorry.
(with eraser/whiteout, etc)

Sorry I put my foot in my mouth.
(with gift certificate for foot massage to a spa or from you)

I'm sorry I let you down...maybe this sweet-smelling gift will help clear the "air"
(candle, air freshener, etc)

I'm so sorry. Please give me "another shot". 
(Something for their camera)

Please bear with me during this hard time...I dont mean to take it out on you. I'll try harder
(teddy bear or gummy bears)

I've gotten a chance to "cool off" and I realize that I overreacted. I'm Sorry
(quart of their favorite ice cream)

"give me another chance and I promise I will knock your socks off"
(new, fluffy socks)

I'll go "nuts" if you dont forgive me. Im really sorry
(A bag of their favorite nuts)

Anyway I can say it, I'm sorry
(send a card with "im sorry" written in multiple languages)

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