Sunday, September 5, 2010

30. Attend Church

I am not even going to take a random guess at when the last time I was at church last. Lately, I have had to take the back roads to get to the church which means it is an hour drive but that is due to all the street lights. Yuck.

I was told by someone "Church is JUST a building."
Okay, that is very true but it is nice to worship with other Christians. I do have faith and it is strong and I still do rely on God to lead me in the right direction.
I was welcomed with open arms by all my friends and church family today as I haven't seen them in God only knows when. Also, my cousin and his new wife showed up to attend church as well. It was great to be with blood family today.
Today's sermon was called "Healing Spiritual Amnesia" based on a book by Paul Nixon. Basically, it is focusing on the bare essentials of Christianity (hence the amnesia metaphor). Sadly, churches have forgotten who Jesus is, the Holy Habits of faith, our neighbor, and how to be effective.

Maybe with all this "self discovery" and "self change" that was a good sermon to NOT miss because maybe I have "spiritual amnesia". I have had some rough times in not just my life but my marriage and parenting and maybe I have just forgotten that the Lord has been there with the me the whole time but yet I haven't asked for His help in anything. I haven't prayed to Him or praised Him or thanked Him for anything. I now know that the Lord is with me, guiding me to be a better me, showing me things I never saw from the outside in and leading me to a better future.

I had a great job after a year of having none and I thanked the Lord for "giving" me that job but something better and bigger landed in my lap and I believe it is the work of God showing me that I am too good for that last job and showing me that there is hope for the future with this job as it means more money and more hours and we need it to keep us afloat with bills and the holidays coming soon.

My marriage is going on 5 yrs next month and to me it has been a LONG 5 yrs of a lot of ups and downs but now I see that God has been there with me these last 5 yrs and that is why I am still with my husband even after all I have put him through and all he has put me through. He has shown me some things and sat me down and told me to get a grip on everything and change for myself, change to better myself, and to try harder at things in the marriage and just in life in general.

I no longer have "Spiritual Amnesia". The Lord is great!!!!

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