Sunday, September 5, 2010

30 Days of Truth-Day One

Day 01 → Something you hate about yourself.
I dont neccessarily "hate" anything or anyone but there are times where that word is at its strongest and today I will tell you something I really do hate about myself.
Some may hate their hair, their weight or some physical aspect of themselves. I don't. Well, not true. I DISLIKE my weight but it is average and not fluctuating up or down so I should just be happy. I dislike my thighs but they have always been a bit big and nothing I can do about it I deal with it. I used to dislike my hair but now I have found a hair cut that is all around tranformable (is that a word??) to any type of 'do I want and I love it. 

I hate how impatient I am. I will actually get onto my child for not having his shoes on or not finishing his breakfast on time because I hate hate hate to be late. Everyone (well I hope so) KNOWS how big of a pet peeve that is to me. Therefore, I am very impatient. The hubby tells me to get ready before him so that way we can leave on time when running errands or go places yet I am always ready WAY before him and I am waiting on him usually in the car to finish up what he is doing....whatever that may be...checking his goatee, grabbing the check book, finding a boat repair book, grabbing the keys, etc. 

I hate how easily upset I get at simple things. Yesterday, for example, I mowed and edged the front and back yards. I got so upset and frustrated that the mower wouldn't start and actually came in the house, woke up the hubby ALMOST in tears and throwing a fit...yes, I admit, I was kind of childish because my knee was hurting me and I was hot and exhausted and ready to have a monster truck run over the lawn mower. I got the yard mowed, the yard weeded (by pulling some out by hand) as well as the yard edged around the sidewalks and fence. 

I hate how organized I am but yet you can't tell. I hate having messes anywhere in the house but yet look at my desk: 2 Large Sonic cups, my lamp, paperwork, the calendar closed and not updated, my planner book under all the paperwork and my schedule for my recent recently past job (as I got a full time job elsewhere). It is a terrible mess and it makes my skin itch. Yet, for some reason I can't bring myself to clean it. I just spent the last 2 days cleaning the lower part of the house and it all started with being a bit irritated with all lil man's toys scattered around the living room. 

What do you hate about yourself?

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