Sunday, January 1, 2012


Hello 2012 Goodbye 2011.

I am hoping all you loyal readers had a safe yet fun New Years Eve and are starting out 2012 on a good note.
2011 wasn't my most favorite year. It started off.terrible with my husband thought it may be a good idea to just set a date to end our marriage since we has already had a rocky 5 years of marriage. Then 2 months later he announced to me he was already emotionally preparing himself for a divorce. Therefore, as you can only imagine, the rest of the year was just snowballing downhill from there. We filed for divorce in late November and will be divorced come later this month. Not a "great" way to start the new year but definitely a stress free and less emotional way to start. I believe I had put up with it for so long, I have been completely broken. Im slowly regaining my composure, my self-esteem and my positivity back. It will definitely take some time but with the great friends and family I have now, all my pieces will be put back together in a shorter amount of time than I foresee!
2012 will be the year of a new me. A fresh clean slate. New memories and better memories. I will be documenting these memories by attempting to do, yet again, the 365 project. If you haven't heard of this project, it's where you take a photo each day for the entire year.
Im not one that likes to make resolutions because I, like many, fail to keep them. This year Im more or less making propositions. Included in those are: to get my own place by May so my son can move in, maintain my weight yet tone up a few areas, make time for some roadtrips with my son and to stay positive in the hard to handle times.
I hope I keep all of you as readers and hopefully gain a few more!

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