Friday, November 18, 2011

A Change In My Life

My life really changed the moment I moved in with my husband. It changed again when I married him. Then yet again when a little boy was placed in my arms at 12:50am on August 10, 2006.
Today, my life is changing yet again. I am removing myself from a very stressful situation and going to start living my life the way it needs to be lived. Relaxed yet busy and with people who truly respect and care about me. I am removing myself from a home where I feel I am put down and insulted daily. I am removing myself from a home where I do not feel loved. It truly hurts because I am removing myself from a home where my son is.
I am not going to be concerned if I can live on my own because I have a big support system of friends and family who can help in any way possible even if it is to just offer a hug. Trust me, sometimes that is all I need. I am more concerned with my son's emotional being. How is he going to take all this?
I am supposed to start a job come Monday for Clothes Mentor, a women's resale clothing store but tomorrow I start a job at Wet Seal . It will be a brand new store at a local mall so I am very excited for that. I love their clothing. I know where a few of my paychecks are going to go! Ha! Hopefully, I can work there and at least another good paying place as well but for now I think I'm just going to stick to working there for right now and keep looking for a well paying job with full time hours.

I have a list of songs as of right now to say what I am going through or how I feel.

Stronger-Sara Evans
Give it Away-George Strait
He Ain't Worth Missing-Toby Keith
Going Through The Big D-Mark Chestnutt
All I Want-Darius Rucker
Leave The Pieces-The Wreckers
Trouble-Cold Play
Tattoo-Jordin Sparks
Black-Pearl Jam

Those are the select few on my brain right now.

Today, my life changes, yet again.

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