Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Who Ruined My High? Oh did!

The stomach bug is plaguing our home yet again. This time, it has hit my step son. He seems to be doing much better now or as he says "getting there" but I feel for him, I do because I was just there not long ago.

I had an interview with Auntie Anne's this afternoon and was BY FAR excited afterwards because even though I was thinking about saying the right things and not fidgeting, etc, I was really thinking about my son and supporting him IF I got the job. I answered the questions the way the district manager had "hoped" I would respond and was pleased with my personality and smile. "I don't care who has experience or not, I can train you to work but I can't train you to smile!" He said he would call me back today or tomorrow to let me know whether or not I got the job. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed I hear back from him. I'm really excited, I really am. I told him even though it is not my ideal job, I am doing it for my son and myself for us to live. He responded by saying he loved the drive I had. Again, I was beyond excited, I pretty much Facebooking and texting everyone about it.

I come home to 2 of the 3 dogs eating off hub's plate of food on the coffee table. Mistake 1: laying your plate on the coffee table in reach of the dogs. Mistake 2: Leaving the room. Mistake 3: Cursing that you will kill both the dogs. Mistake 4: Grabbing one of the dogs by his neck and THROWING him half way across the yard but in turn you got bit on the inner wrist so you got your pay back. Mistake 5: Blaming it ALL on only one dog thinking I think of her as a saint when in fact TWO dogs did it and I have seen the 3rd dog do it as well.

While in that argument, we went back to the argument of WHY we are getting divorced and the entire situation and he insisted that I have "never felt hurt as bad as he has". Ummm, the last 4 months I have done nothing but lied to, insulted, put down and hurt. So, yes, I have been hurt in many ways by many people but at this moment in time, I have never been hurt THIS bad. Then he proceeded to tell me I need to change or else I will be standing in a similar situation the same way I am now possibly 10 years from now. THEN told me that I need to live my life and stop letting others tell me how to live it.

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