Saturday, November 12, 2011

New Transition In Life

Thursday, I went into "town" to interview mid afternoon for a clothing resale shop called Clothes Mentor and after interviewing with (I'm assuming) the Assistant Manager and both the owners, I was told to do a "fashion" test. It is pretty much where they give me a basket/box of clothes that are (or should be) 2 years old or newer and told me to say yes or no to the ones I pull out. No, to the ones are old, dingy, ripped, stained, too small or just not in style. And yes....well to obviously all the ones NOT listed! And they said I did pretty well but they still wanted to "noodle" over the thought of hiring me. So, I left to carry on with my day when I received a call a few minutes later asking me to go to the mall nearby to do a 2nd interview with Auntie Anne's pretzels. I went there about an hour later (if that) and filled out a W4 along with new hire paperwork but I am still waiting to hear back from corporate on my background check to see if I am actually truly hired. I also received a call from Clothes Mentor saying they wanted to bring me on board and make me an offer. I called the clothing store back later in the evening and got the offer. I was supposed to call them back today to say yes or no to the offer but I have been in pain all day and I was hoping to hear back from Auntie Annes. Either way, I calculated it and gave an "average" hourly rate a week and I will end up with pretty much the same pay each month, if not pretty darned close, if I worked either or both jobs.

Thursday evening, on the way home, I found a lump on my lower left jaw. It has been swollen pretty much all day. Before I got in bed, I noticed it was an abcess that was under my gumline. Blah. Not good. I also have one on my upper right gum line but that one comes and goes and isn't as bad. I am not insured anymore so I called the dentist today to get information on that and usually without insurance an exam and xrays are $125 but they are willing to give those to me at $80 BUT first I have to finish ALL my antibiotics before they can see me in their office. So, until then, I am popping Ibprofen for the inflammation and antibiotics for the infection and eating anything that requires NO chewing.

So tomorrow, like I said, I am going to call the clothing store and see if the offer is still available and take it if it is. If it is, I will be moving closer to the job and in with a friend until I am able to move out on my own into my own place. It will definitely be a new experience being a "single parent" out on my own but I will make it work. I will have my friends and family there to support me.

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Dizzy C said...

Good luck with whichever job you choose.

It is awful having to wait until anti-biotics work before getting treatment at the dentist but is is standard practice.
Hope you are pain free soon