Saturday, February 25, 2012

Friday From Hell

I've had many a bad Friday but I think yesterday has to be the worst Friday yet, at least since moving out on my own and the divorce. A few weeks back, I received a ticket (because obviously the officer had nothing better to do) for an out of date inspection sticker on the truck my ex husband is letting me drive until he either he a) fixes my car or b) tows it to my parents for someone else to fix. The officer told me to get it inspected by the 28 of February and then take the proof of inspection up to the court house by that date and get it dismissed for only $20.
Therefore, I was going to have ex hubs get it inspected last week but apparently he was low on funds. I fought and argued the point but decided it was like yelling at a wall so we agreed yesterday was THE last day it could get done. Well, in the end the truck didn't get inspected. The check engine light was on so ex hubs disconnected the battery for about 5 minutes. That didn't turn the light off. He then disconnected it for about 10 minutes, maybe 15 and that still didn't work. THEN we took it back to his house where he got his code reader and erased the codes. That did the trick. Well, because the battery was disconnected, the O2 reader or whatever wasn't reading and the inspection guy told me I had to put some miles back on the truck before getting it re-inspected. So ex hubs was kind enough to give me $40 for inspection and told me to find a place to get it done before Monday....if they check engine light doesn't come back on.
I called the court house to see if they could extend the date and they said I could make a court date to talk to judge/prosecuter to see if he/she will lower the fine. I asked why I would have to have fine lowered and found out that because the inspection has been out for more than 60 days (been expired since July), I cannot pay the $20 dismissal fee. I have to pay the $151 fine to get rid of the ticket. I can't even take defensive driving to remove the citation/ticket.
On top of all that, I found out that my last pay check from the shoe company I was working for, didn't direct deposit my check and ex hubs had the check in his mail box for at least 2 weeks now. Give it, it is only about 6 hours worth of pay but that is better than nothing. Therefore, with that deposited, I only have about $55 in my name until I find a job. I have rent and bills and other things to pay and I am not having a great life after divorce. Single life is becoming harder and harder than I thought.
I thought I would be much happier and in the aspect of not having someone yell me at, degrade me, insult me or controlling me, I am much happier but financially wise, this sucks.

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Naila Moon said...

I wish I had wise words for you. I have been in your shoes and you are right it does suck.

I only wish for you happiness. It will get better. If you wish to chat off line about it, drop me an e-mail.

Peace...Naila Moon