Thursday, February 23, 2012


What the heck are Skele-Toes, you ask? Fila Skeletoes are the new hot barefoot running shoes to hit the market. Not like I run but I guess I could start. I first heard of these silly looking duds on my best friend's Facebook page and was wondering what they were. After getting her a pair of toe socks to go with the toe shoes, I had a package arrive at my doorstep today. To my surprise and excitement, my best friend sent me some Skele-toe shoes as well.
I have to admit they are a bit goofy looking. You have to concentrate on where your toes go just like a pair of gloves and the material feels strange between your toes. BUT, I will also admit they are quite comfy.
So my adventures with Skele-toes starts today.
My first stop: my 3 story balcony to enjoy the spring like weather.

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