Monday, February 27, 2012

Update: Photos

I haven't shared any photos recently so this blog post is just to update you all on photos!!!

I recently took photos of my 5 year old and here are the results. Now, I will tell you something. As a mother to only one child, I still say he JUST turned 5 but many will argue he is about 5 1/2 and he will argue he is 6. So, remember, do not argue with mama because mama will always say "YOU JUST TURNED 5!!!"

Last weekend when I had my son, he had his first dental check up. I was so proud of him. At first he was like the fish that knew all too well and would not open his mouth but after a few minutes and bribing and pleading, he opened up and did soooooo very well. 

This past weekend I had him, I didn't truly think I was going to make it out of it alive. He had a very bad temperment to him as well as an attitude. I guess that is to be expected when having to live in 2 different houses at the age of 5. BUT, because the weather was so nice, I took him out of the apartment and to the park nearby as well as the obstacle course which he had a blast on. 

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