Tuesday, April 12, 2011

So Numb

I received a phone call about 10:20am saying "Everything went well and you can come pick up her collar". If you have read my previous post about our baby girl Moya you will know what happened. If not, click the link, take a read and you will be up to date. We thought we would be able to bring her home to adopt her out but since it was a bite to a child, the state had her as it's property and registered her as a dangerous dog. They euthanised her this morning. I wanted her collar so they made note to call me when it was all said and done. My question is, how does a euthanasia "go well"? It only goes one way.

I have been so numb. I cry but yet no tears fall. I want to cry but can't because I don't want my son to see me this way. It is too hard to explain that the doggy won't be come back home "ever more" (as he says) and the reason why.

I will grieve her in silence, I will remember her as the good girl that she was and I will miss her deeply.

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Dizzy C said...

Hugs, Teresa.