Monday, April 4, 2011

Things I've Been Meaning To Do

I'm A Lazy Mom is at it again with her "Things I've Been Meaning To Do" linky blog hop fun. EXCEPT...this time she is doing it every first Monday of the month.
I will only post my upstairs things I've been meaning to do as the upstairs gets neglected quite a bit because it is not seen by guests! Isn't that the way to do it though?? Don't shove it in a closet. Don't shove it under the bed. Just shove it upstairs where no one will see it!

1. Clean off my office desk
I have a water bottle that has been sitting there since BEFORE Spring Break along with 2 glasses. One was from today's iced tea that I just finished before typing this blog and the other was earlier this past weekend that just had water in it. I also have my business cards still in a box, some discs that need organized and put away, a hard drive that needs plugged back in and moved off the desk along with a notebook that just needs to be placed in the drawer when not in use.
Notice, I'm A Lazy Mom's blog is up on the computer. No...I'm not a stalker so hush it!!!!

2. Take this paper shredder and chunk it
It has not been working since we pretty much got it from a friend. Brand new, too! I think someone (not me so stop pointing fingers) shoved a few too many papers in at once and bent the shredder teeth so it wont shred anymore. Also the discs next to it are all hubby's that were the office closet that need to go on his desk. Also the PVC pipes in the back behind the door go to my home made back drop stand (for photography) that I don't use anymore that just need to be taken into the garage.

3. Put my un-played guitar away
My step dad got me this guitar for my 16th birthday as I always had this dream of being a country singer...still do in a way! pinky is too short to reach most chords so it has not been played much. It is just a dust/scratch collector and so I have it sitting by the stairs so I can take down to my bedroom closet each time I leave my office just sits there. Still haven't moved it in weeks.

4. Take broom downstairs and take the angel to the "Christmas Storage Closet".
Why there is a broom upstairs when it is all carpeted....I do not know! That is a mystery that will not be answered by me! Also why it is in a box...I do not know. Oh look there, the phone that was on the stairs from my previous "Things I've Been Meaning to Do" post has moved from the stairs to the banister upstairs. Ha! At least it isn't on the stairs anymore!

This is so much fun and shows we all have clutter somewhere and have been meaning to do something sometime or another so join in the fun!!!

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Stacey said...

Oh my gosh, hilarious!!! I love that the phone made a second appearance!! Baby steps right??

And I love that my blog is on the computer!!! Nice touch! You get like 500 bonus lazy mom points for that.

The Lazy Mom wuz here.