Sunday, October 9, 2011

30 Days of Me - Day 18

Day 18 - A letter to someone you miss.

In the almost 28 years I have been placed on this Earth, I have lost many. Lost as in forever sent to be Angels. Lost as in no longer friends or in contact with. 
I can sit here and think of many off the top of my head that I miss. I cannot write a letter. 
Angels I am missing: My great grandparents Enderle as they always had a way of making me laugh. My Uncle Jim who was just a free spirit. My Uncle Rex...the Firework King! My Grammy who was just about as stubborn and hard headed as myself...if not more! My friends Kristen, Emmett and John who were taken from this world just way too young. And to the many church family I had met over the past years that gave me advice, hugs and smiles that have gone to be angels. 
Friends I am missing: I will not name them all but if we were friends at one point and are no longer....then you know I am talking about you. That is, if we are no longer friends because we just lost contact with one another or because we just fell further apart. 

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