Wednesday, October 19, 2011

State Fair Break

The Texas State Fair is one of THE biggest fairs in the country. I was thankful enough to have a friend invite me to go with them yesterday for a break away from it all. It was in the mid 60s all day which would have been nice if it wasn't for the crazy ridiculous wind. It also would've been a BETTER day had my camera battery not lasted only about an hour. I have 3 batteries around this house and only one of them is a piece of crap and I ended up having THAT one in my camera at the time. No worries, as soon as I got home, I put a big giant "X" on it so that way I know it is the bad battery and won't use it anymore.

The photos posted below were all taken with my cell phone so excuse the not so great quality.

Bumblebee showed up to the fair...he even had his Autobot Logo on the tires and the side

All in all, it was a great day at the fair and I ended it with a crazy wild ride on the ferris wheel. I do NOT do heights very well. I can do roller coasters and such but not something that SLOWLY goes through the air and occasionally makes stops even if you are the very tip top. But, now I can say I have done that and that is one thing I can mark off my bucket list (even if it wasn't on there to begin with!) 
Looking forward to next year. 

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