Thursday, July 28, 2011

They Don't Look Hot Until They Look Hot

So watching movies over the past few days, I have run across a few celebrity men that never interested me until they played certain roles and looked certain parts.

Here is my all time celebrity crush
(Johnny Depp) Hello My Pretty!!!!  
But long before Johnny was this sexy mess of a man
(Leonardo DiCaprio) Hello Mr Sensitive. I have added these guys to my celebrity crushes just because there is something about them.

(Liam Neeson) Hello Mr Bad Ass.  
(Jason Momoa) Why hello there you barbarian. 
And last but not least at the moment.....this man. Swoon-Pretty Woman, Runaway Bride, First Knight......

Hello Mr I-Gotta-Have-The-Woman
Okay, I think I gave you ladies enough hotness for the evening! LOL


LadybirdK said...

Johnny Depp, oh yes!
New follower via TYOH

penguinsandladybugs said...

I have had a crush on Leo since he was a kid on Growing Pains (maybe I'm showing my age).... I have to say, you have good taste!