Sunday, March 20, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Within the first hour of being home, I had all our bags packed and all lil man's bags unpacked. I even got the car vacuumed out. Today, I need to wash it. It is a rental so it has to be spotless and back at rental place tomorrow.
Tennessee is always great. Well, no matter where you are, it is always great to get away from it all. The weather could have been a BIT more cooperative but can't always get what you ask for.
The boys helped papa get his storage organized/cleaned and some stuff moved to the new storage building. The older boys shot some guns off as well as went hiking for a day. Dear hubby and I took a stroll down Gatlinburg strip while eating some fudge and enjoying the scenery....too bad it was cold. Other than that.....I sat on my bum most the time. That is how I cannot figure out how I lost another 6.6 pounds while on vacation. I had 5 pieces of pizza in a matter of 2 days, several bites of fudge, candy galore and LOTS of water!


Daddy with lil man at the Fort Loudon Dam

Lil man and step son at the Fort Loudon Dam

Step son with a pellet gun

Step son hiking

Me at the "sinks" (dangerous water current)

It was a bit cold at the sinks next to the water

Me and hubby at the sinks

Me and hubby on the way to the "Top of the World" 

Me and hubby at the "Top of the World" 

"Top of the World" state lines 

In laws BEAUTIFUL cabin

Hubby shooting off a .22

Hubby in the National Park 

Me in the National Park 

Me and hubby 

Hubby at the state lines 

Lil man and Daddy riding the mower

Lil man driving the mower with a little bit of daddy's help 
There are over 200+ photos but these are the "gist" of the trip.

Will post more about our vacation when I get stuff done around my house first!

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