Sunday, March 27, 2011

Post Surgery Update

I got to the dentist at 9:10am and my appt was 9:30am so I knew I was early but I was hoping to get in the chair earlier BUT they had another surgery in process and they didnt get done with that until almost 10am.
Hubby and lil man left 2 minutes before they took me back to the chair to go get breakfast. They didnt expect to be in the waiting room that long so they were hungry. The receptionist kept telling me they couldn't take me back to the room or put me under until hubby got back since he was my ride home. I wasn't even in chair for 4 seconds and they put the gas on my face. That stuff really numbed my mouth, my face, even my hands. I was really getting nervous and I felt I was going to have a panic attack and the room kept spinning to the point it was making me sick. The girl that did my IV for the anethesia did it really well on the first poke and she was a trainee. I have't even bruised she did so well. The last thing I remember is the oral surgeon came in asked if i was allergic to anything an then I was out. I don't even remember anything until about 11:30am when I came too and hubby was sitting over me on the couch asking me if I knew where I was. He said I asked him 8 times how long it lasted and when he said "20 min" I said 'really, that was fast" and I kept saying that! Other than that, he said I didnt say or do anything weird.
I have been on the couch and in bed since.
I went in the dentist at 134lbs and now i am 130.4 this morning....I haven't been able to eat much since but i did end up eating hamburger chopped up along with creamy mashed potatoes last night for dinner.
I get so sick when I eat...I think the meds are making me sick but I get sick even if I dont eat when I take meds or when I eat and dont take the meds.


Dizzy C said...

Wishing you a speedy recovery!

I have only skim read this post as I am phobic of the dentist.
You were one brave lady.

anton said...

I wish you make fast recovery. Good luck dear. Nice photo you had tagged here.
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